Tournament Management

We take your idea or concept of the event and translate it to the real world.


We are happy to help you with any problem that you have. Where you think we can help.


NPF PRO 2019

We helped NPF take their idea fro a professional tournament aimed at Danish teams to reality.

eSportligaen Season 3

We partnered up with eSportligaen to be the administrative part of the CSGO tournament and handle the day to day managemnt

About Us

We make competitive esport tournaments & educate new referees
within the there respective game title.

Simon Bjerre

I manage the administrative and operational
parts of tournaments in the planing, execution
and evaluating prosess.

Nicklas Sørensen

I manage the tournament while it's running
and makeing sure all the plans and rules are followed


We love challanges! Do you have somthing that you think that we can help you with?
Then give us a call and let's have a chat about it

Contact Info

Phone+45 51757001
8800 Viborg
CVR: 40723706

Business Info

Hesteengen 16
8800 Viborg
CVR: 40723706